E. Tamplin
E. Tamplin Hour ago
Manly tattoos girls.. u all just went from an 8 to a 4...
ken ber
ken ber 3 hours ago
Smoken hot
passion84hosiery 4 hours ago
Dear Taylor, Thank you for making this video. First off. I really love your Husky's. I have always dreamed of going on a trip with a husky as my companion. But never got to do it. I have always wanted a husky and raise it from puppy-hood. They are So cute as puppies. I myself never went on a venture with a dog and camped out in nature. I am too home-bodied I guess. I am sure glad youtube had people on it who like yourself video-recorded their experience going out on the road and showing us. The viewers just what they are missing out on. I myself. I like camping. Tea never tasted so good over a fire. Thank you. Take care Taylor.
Paul Chapin
Paul Chapin 7 hours ago
Starting to understand why Bobby and the others keep three to four months in the video vault?
Hoan Nguyen
Hoan Nguyen 8 hours ago
Taylor, you are so beautiful, thought I did not understand what you were saying, but I love listening to you.
Даниил Бренькин
Даниил Бренькин 9 hours ago
6:36 I think I feel in love....
LicocoS 10 hours ago
Mach Tuck
Mach Tuck 10 hours ago
You are a great crew member Taylor!! ...very good looking too! :))
Koray Öz
Koray Öz 10 hours ago
stavin max
stavin max 11 hours ago
Nanang Bluebird
Nanang Bluebird 12 hours ago
Даниил Бренькин
Даниил Бренькин 12 hours ago
It first video on english, when i dont switch subtitres on, and understand 95% :) Thank you
Nanang Bluebird
Nanang Bluebird 13 hours ago
Waw hott🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️
Michael Higgins
Michael Higgins 18 hours ago
Not gonna lie? It’s the bikini and magnificent body I am Hooked!!!!
A. McNicoll
A. McNicoll 18 hours ago
Sorry Taylor I found you but that was because of Sully and Miya who as usual show me the true experience of being a Dog and living with a Human, be that yourself, so will I stay with your channel - who knows?
D_Cali_Life 21 hour ago
She is like the .001% of women living in vans. Most don't look anything like her lol
Desert Falcon
Desert Falcon 22 hours ago
Whats ur insta?
K Azim
K Azim 22 hours ago
baroz TV
baroz TV 22 hours ago
emuachhh love u😍😍
Desert Falcon
Desert Falcon 22 hours ago
That reverse movement of Boat was so professional -as smooth as taking out some car
Владимир Глебов
Владимир Глебов 23 hours ago
Круто 👍
Former Everything
Former Everything 23 hours ago
I can slackline like a Wallenda. NOT. Even though, I'm like the best high wire teacher ever!
Desert Falcon
Desert Falcon 23 hours ago
Your eyes soo very gorgeous
suraj amom
suraj amom Day ago
scottibass Day ago
I'm not gonna lie, I'm here for the curves and beautiful face.
Yue Lu
Yue Lu Day ago
Taylor SO SO beautiful !!!!!!!!
Jean Kruger
Jean Kruger Day ago
I loved this is video!!!! Send a hug to Brazil
purple hippo
purple hippo Day ago
beautiful doggos
Roland Sorg
Roland Sorg Day ago
Nice video - THANKs!
Great videos, your very pretty, & have a beautiful smile; & have very honest eyes, & seem really nice. And that booty sexybut, amazing...... 👍👊💪🙏😎
Ahmet YILDIZ Day ago
Doğa çok güzel köpekler harika
Keegan Quinn
Keegan Quinn Day ago
Cute doggos.
Toxie Connor
Toxie Connor Day ago
Whose taking the video? I'm sure it's not the 3rd husky
Leslie Horwinkle
Leslie Horwinkle Day ago
Huskies exited? Noooo. Van needs to read 'DOGE".
Pushkar Rathod
Pushkar Rathod 2 days ago
Thanks Taylor for sharing. 12:54 "Bobby stating at your through Window" but suddenly after that you're eating Banana OMG. what a funny moment. Lol. Kidding !! Taylor Love you always - A sweet girl <3
4H Creation
4H Creation 2 days ago
Scuba & fantastic travel adventure do visit us #4hcreation
Robertben calderon
Robertben calderon 2 days ago
Hellow!I love to watch ur video,so much inspiring,,.Watching from Philippines🇵🇭😍😍
Capt Larry Kaminski
Capt Larry Kaminski 2 days ago
Excellent. You just gained a Patreon. I watched you on Doodles and like your adventurous life style
dachi and vito
dachi and vito 2 days ago
dachi and vito
dachi and vito 2 days ago
Mc Q
Mc Q 2 days ago
I felt peaceful just watching you and your dogs. I'm not ready for van life but your video has me seriously planning for car camping. Thanks! 😊❤🚙
Dave Nixon
Dave Nixon 2 days ago
Excellent video and editing. The drone shot over the falls was breath taking :) Keep up the good work, but 2 huskies in a van is a lot of work.
keeblerlxix 2 days ago
That's cool. it makes me wish I still had my 74 VW Campervan
Rene Santana
Rene Santana 2 days ago
Would love for you to take me on an experiment trip!! Daaaaaang! Stay safe.
Jandre_ dlr
Jandre_ dlr 2 days ago
so beautiful
Paul Bradbury
Paul Bradbury 2 days ago
Beautiful, and the dogs are awesome too!
fthprod photo-video
fthprod photo-video 2 days ago
the Huskies transform into 2 big guys when the moon rises ;)
Anker Bell Jr.
Anker Bell Jr. 2 days ago
Such a pretty girl with ugly tattoos. Too bad : (
Christian Graham
Christian Graham 2 days ago
Your dogs are absolutely adorable!!
Nicholas Long
Nicholas Long 2 days ago
I have 2 huskies and just bought my van today. I'll only be doing shorter trips for a long while because I wouldn't be able to keep them in such a confined space. The hair alone would suffocate us all.
Dat Nguyen
Dat Nguyen 2 days ago
when will it be my turn.... to sail
robert desmarais
robert desmarais 3 days ago
Look into David Blaine and his breathing techniques. He held his breath for 20 min beating world record by 11 min. And all the stars he taught in hour were holding breath for 3-4 min before he left.
소jae 3 days ago
nice iced out wheels
소jae 3 days ago
wow that view out of the van is gorgeous
Michael Nimchan
Michael Nimchan 3 days ago
Great video. Who is there behind the camera and edit?
suraj amom
suraj amom 3 days ago
suraj amom
suraj amom 3 days ago
Jay C
Jay C 3 days ago
Seriously though. Where do I find a women like this?
BigBad BULL Day ago
That would be a woman😉 like this
James B
James B 3 days ago
A razor blade would take those stickers right off...unless of course they’re still applicable 😉
Jeff Jacobson
Jeff Jacobson 3 days ago
That is so cool that we now call “living in a van down by the river” ....... “an alternative lifestyle”........sounds a lot more interesting! 😎
john epperson
john epperson 3 days ago
Awesome video, you all are living the good life !!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy belated Canada Day 😊😊😊.
Bigjoedo66 3 days ago
Taylor since you have an outside tiller on your boat, do you have any type of protection from bad weather or do you just wear rain gear ?
Varde 3 days ago
A girl with two dogs and a camper van.. I think i am in love... please marry me!!... anyhow, jokes aside. I really love this :)
raza saleem
raza saleem 3 days ago
Nice video 👍👍👍
Leo Hernandez
Leo Hernandez 3 days ago
Love the dogs!!!!
C Q 3 days ago
Nicely done. Thanks.
C Q 3 days ago
Kata List Productions
Kata List Productions 3 days ago
how do you support yourself $$$?
lordabhi 3 days ago
So cool. Good luck
Charles Lightfoot
Charles Lightfoot 3 days ago
well I clicked on this video because of her breasts, then saw how pretty she was and made me realize, would have I clicked on this if it wasn't a nice shot of her breasts? would I have watched less of the video if she wasn't pretty... or I can just lie to myself and believe I'm actually interested in this random girls life :)
Darrell Hayward
Darrell Hayward 3 days ago
Aw ty spirit sister justa love the adventure with your dogs ya peace love light sis n family ✌😊❤3
Steven Powell
Steven Powell 3 days ago
wow unrestrained dogs in the front seat big no no here in Oz...... first time viewer mate so you live in a van or at home and venture out?
Chris Matson
Chris Matson 3 days ago
Inglis falls is amazing!! Been there tons, there are a few other great falls around as well you should explore. Eugenia falls has a great trail to get down under the falls and take a swim.
Terrell Royal
Terrell Royal 3 days ago
Terrell Royal
Terrell Royal 3 days ago
Terrell Royal
Terrell Royal 3 days ago
Girl you make property value go up!!👍😜🇱🇷💯
Leland Jacobson
Leland Jacobson 3 days ago
lol In for a treat for sure, I had a full blooded short hair Siberian Husky and was a Truck driver so I had him on the Truck in the small space for 2 weeks. I found out real quick they shed year round so the truck was always full of hair and they also Fart a lot!!! Wow when there's no place to go to escape it all you can do is roll down the windows lol yukkkkk let me tell you never again for me no way! Had a fun time but I will never take the dog on a long journey like that again!!! Good Luck!
GoatZilla 3 days ago
ayyyyy hukskiez in front seat need seat beltz!!!